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A portrait of our sun

Summary:High-resolution Sun surface, detailed sunspots, and animated solar flares.
Description:This is a semi-real G-star model. It is based on real imagery, but the detail beyond level 3 of the hi-res virtual texture is of course imaginary. If you are a realism-purist, just remove levels 2-10 from the hi-res folder. For all features, enable cloud rendering and switch to the hi-res texture mode by pressing the "R" key. There is also a much smaller version available, with no virtual textures and with the ordinary textures having a much smaller size of 0.5k in lores and 1k in medres. (See elsewhere in this category.) This add-on must be extracted to your Celestia\extras folder. Please be aware that there is a slight error in the "Sun_ReadMe.txt" file concerning the installation. Do NOT create a new folder in your extras directory. Simply extract this entire package to your extras folder.
In additon you need the Patch for Celestia 1.5/1.6 when you want to run this add-on with Celestia 1.5.x or 1.6.x!
Addon Homepage:
Creator:Runar Thorvaldsen
Smaller version by David Newby.
License:Included material produced by Runar Thorvaldsen may be used in any way you like, except for commercial purposes. Included material produced by other authors are only distributable to the extent that THEY have given permission. If you want to re-distribute this add-On, you are free to do so, provided that you:
- do not charge money for it in any way, neither for the files   themselves, or for access to them.
- keep it complete and unmodified, including the ReadMe.
- If you want to distribute it for/with software other than Celestia,   send me a note.
Added:2005-01-09 16:08
Last modified:2009-09-08 21:46
Complete version VT/PNG/3DS 136.03 MB
Smaller version 1K/PNG/3DS 2.26 MB
Patch for Celestia 1.5/1.6 external link 0 Bytes

Comments by visitors:

2015-03-05 00:06
#23 anonymous
With this addon the Sun becomes too yellow. However, the detail of the sunspots is excellent.

The addon is very good, but can be better
2015-01-03 01:36
#22 anonymous
@logan Install the patch and the core affect disappears. (Celestia 1.6.1)
2014-08-27 16:25
#21 Logan
The sun has a red core effect,only the middle part looks right and the rest of it too bright the only way to fix it is to switch the star style to scaled discs but on scaled discs I zoom out and the flares become white circles.
2009-09-20 18:00
#20 anonymous
The sun is infact orange yellow. from earth it is more white
2009-04-10 23:32
#19 anonymous
For the folks who wanted a white sun, I imagine you can take the textures into Photoshop and tweak the colors to your heart's content. To the creator, thanks for the work!
2008-07-07 14:25
#18 Osiris
2008-03-03 09:04
#17 anonymous
Actually, the sun is a standard 'yellow' dwarf star, class G2V. It only appears white hot to us because of it proximity to us. However, on a universal scale, it is yellow when compared with more massive white / blue stars like Sirius or smaller red dwarf stars like Proxima Centauri.
2006-12-24 08:28
#16 Serpent17
Yes the sun is "white-hot" and appears in space as blinding white, but then in space we can't even LOOK at the sun without photophilters - our eyes can't withstand the power of light radiating from it! So we can't see spots and other things on the sun. So i think of this model was created bearing in mind the astronomical study not the REALISM. (Just my opinion)
2006-11-27 00:52
#15 anonymous
Pedro V100 is right. The temperature of the sun actually makes it "white hot" which, in space, the colour is white. The atmosphere re-distributes the spectral scale of the sun to a point where the temperature of the sun has less effect on the colour. Therefore making it appear yellow, orange and even red
2006-11-04 03:41
#14 PedroV100
for your information guys... the sun IS WHITE... earth's atmosphere makes it look yellow
2006-08-24 08:25
#13 Darkelarious
The sun becomes real now! Wonderfull!!
2006-06-10 18:16
#12 DK
@ Daren: the Sun looks white because of the Earth's atmosphere, so in space it should be yellow. Nice add-on by the way!
2006-06-07 20:32
#11 muca
This sun is Excellent.
2006-04-03 04:09
#10 Void
It's great! I had a big pleasure...
2006-02-13 09:15
#9 Daren
Looks great. The cloud layer really makes the Sun come alive.
Anyway of making the color more bright white, like it is to the naked eye?
2005-06-24 21:17
#8 Albatros
2005-05-26 16:05
#7 John M. Dollan
Wonderful! I am especially appreciative of the small version, which makes such a neat add-on available to those of us with, shall we say, less than top-running systems!
2005-04-30 20:18
#6 keith
I'm using the small sun - fantastic graphic - but how do I get rid of the white banding visible on the surface as seen from Earth?
2005-04-02 21:46
#5 Bill the Solar Observer
Thanks for a sun model that's realistic in several ways. However, I've observed the sun telescopically almost every clear day for more than 25 years, and sunspots are found only within 30 degrees or so of the solar equator--never at the poles.
2005-03-12 21:23
#4 Celestian
Hallo Runar and David,

That is one grand SUN/SOL animated body. The best yet to be on my Celestia. Had the below Sol Texture at first; added it and replaced the original one and for Clouds-Toggle I enter a Red Core Sun image, whihc looks great too. But, The one you guys made it JUST IT!!

I use the smaller version; it just works the best with my PC. The larger one works great too, but my PC lacks the needed memory. But the small version does fine. Thanks for letting mr enjoy the SUN even more now. Now its nice and Warm...when I look at it.

THANKS again Guys....Job more than well done.
2005-02-15 15:07
#3 Kinderino
I second David's comment!..
2005-02-04 21:46
#2 anonymous
When removed at least an AU from the sun I get a graphical anomally (white bands). Is there a way to remove these? They are visible from Earth when looking at the sun.
2005-01-27 01:49
#1 David
This addon is so brilliant that the lores part should be included in the basic release of celestia.
The atmosphere alone is a tremendous improvement from the basic one. it works well on my rather old computer. home page