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Large Stars

Summary:Includes many large red and blue stars not included in Celestia. Also corrects incorrect star sizes.
Description:This addon includes an .stc file (including references) that places many large stars in Celestia, from red supergiants to blue hypergiants. Based on an addon kindly created by Luke and licensed in the Public Domain, it edits both the added stars and existing stars in Celestia to have corrected, more accurate diameters. VY Canis Majoris is again on top thanks to a recent source by Kaminski et al while Mu Cep and VV Cep take diameters from James B. Kaler's STARS Database.
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Creator:Joey Pelobel
License:Public Domain
Added:2020-05-28 16:00
Last modified:2020-05-28 16:00
Large Stars STC 3.39 kB

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