Fictional: Solar Systems, Planets, etc.:
Ran III - Memory of the Waves

Summary:In some ways a story, in some ways a huge, 3-dimensional virtual world to explore.
Description:A science-fiction add-on with many worlds to explore, secrets to find, and places to discover. This package offers a very extensive exploration into the worlds (and civilizations) of Ran. You'll find spectacular planets and moons, along with an entire civilization which has evolved in this neighborhood.

Memory of the Waves chronicles the history of four extraterrestrial civilizations as it unfolds over almost four thousand years. You can jump to any point in the time line to witness a particular event, see cities rise and fall, follow their spacecraft and discover their purposes and fates, or see entire worlds change with time. But do not take it too seriously - there are silly things to find if you look for them, but also beautiful scenery to contemplate, and, of course, there is the underlying mystery of why it all happens - if you care to look closely enough.

NOTE: This add-on has been designed for Celestia 1.5 or later. It will not run correctly on older versions of Celestia. To install, please view Runar's extensive ReadMe.txt file which is included in the zip file. Also, If you have EVER downloaded any pre-releases or older versions of Ran or Mythica, please remove these from your Celestia installation before proceeding. Finally, you may also wish to download Killeens M20, found HERE. This add-on will enhance your environment with some spectacular background skies.

Please also note that there are two packages included here. The first is the base installation package, and it contains everything you need to enjoy this add-on. You may also wish to download the Extended Package, which offers 8k textures and some extras.
Addon Homepage:
Creator:Runar Thorvaldsen
See Read Me for other creators.
License:Creative Commons license. View the license in its entirety HERE.
Added:2008-05-15 02:35
Last modified:2008-07-04 04:49
Ran III Base Package 422.35 MB
Ran III Extended Package 1.46 GB

Comments by visitors:

2014-08-23 22:09
#18 Jones
For them using version 1.6 or higher:

Simply open the "th_placeholder.cmod" in the models file of this add-on and change the opacity from 0.5 to 0.

There you are, no cubes.
2014-08-22 23:34
#17 Jones
Very wonderful!
Thank you for this kind of troublesome work, it's so nice, ceative and inspiring.

The name is also very vivifying.
Gives the phantasy a huge impulsion to imagining what happend there and what becomes.

If there would be a higher rate than excellent, I would give it.
2012-09-22 19:24
#16 anonymous
This is so beautiful!!! Wonderful textures and models. The needle city and the Landfall Archipelago are so awesome.

But I still don't quite understand why Heimdall is listed as a spacecraft.
2012-09-09 09:53
#15 CyanPlasma
This is a huge success!!! I have no idea about how on Earth (or Hroenn) you managed to create such an excellent project!!!
2012-05-30 02:25
#14 anonymous
The fix is here:
2012-03-26 17:11
#13 anonymous
Do not run this in Celestia 1.6 or higher. You get many object that are in cubes. This is a great add on, but it must be ran in Celestia 1.5 (which you can still download). What I ended up doing was installing both versions on my computer and renaming 1.5 "Memory Of The Waves" as I use it specially for the add on (along with Zeta Reticuli 1 and 2). So download this add-on, but use it in Celestia 1.5, or if you are some kind of computer guru, fix the cubing issue and run it 1.6 and then make the fix available for download if at all possible. Thanks!
2011-06-24 05:10
#12 Nathaniel
it works fine on the 1.6.0 version
2011-06-24 04:25
#11 Nathaniel
its so good nice job you guys
2009-11-14 17:24
#10 Reiko
This is so beautiful add-on. :)
2009-03-09 19:10
#9 anonymous
i used to be able to use it easily with the motw encyclopaedia but now i cant
2009-01-18 23:12
#8 anonymous
it doesn't work well even with the orginal version 1.5.1
2009-01-06 14:18
#7 karl
I think it does not work with the german version. Any experience?
2008-11-05 01:09
#6 Hank Cotman
I am running Memory of The Waves on Celestia 1.4.1 with no problems. I am also making a chronology of events so I can see everything. It is a fabulous and beautiful scenario.
2008-08-09 12:35
#5 anonymous
Awesome indeed. Hope you had as much pleasure buliding it (though that's God knows how many hours of hard work) than us laymen playing with it.

Many many thanx
2008-07-14 11:26
#4 lifeh2o
its to big to download but screenshots shows an extra superb beautifull goody
2008-07-07 18:56
#3 augen
it's so incredible
2008-06-04 08:14
#2 Jung dae-han
Wow! It's very nice! thank you!
2008-05-15 02:45
#1 Bob Hegwood
Absolutely superb! What more can I say? home page