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Celestia Spaceships

Summary:The hyper-drive spaceships created for Frank's Educational Activities.
Description:This add-on places four hyper-drive spaceships within our Solar System. The ships are named Celestia 1, Celestia 1A, Celestia 1B and the Celestia 2. To view these ships, simply use the Solar System Browser under Celestia's built-in Navigation menu. The Celestia 1 orbits the Earth, and the others are placed in orbits around the Sun. Feel free to modify the SSC files to place the ships is any location you wish. See the Read-me file for instructions. The ships are based on the Orion Space Plane from the movie 2001, a Space Odyssey, and were designed by Jestr and Frank Gregorio. You can use in conjunction with Celestia-ED's cockpit feature to get both an exterior view and interior view of your Celestia hyper-drive craft. Please note that the data and texture files are not really necessary for these ships, but are included from Frank's original work.
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Creator:Frank Gregorio
License:Use without restriction.
Added:2006-11-11 23:35
Last modified:2008-03-25 14:20
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2009-08-29 02:09
I love how you made it. The textures are nice, (but I guess you didn't decide on those) The models were cool, (you based those of something too though) and the data was easy to change. Instead of having 4 ships I gave myself a fifth by copying one and changing the orbit. I also made them bigger. Nice job. home page