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Summary:New Horizons, Pluto and the Kuiper Belt mission.
Description:Jestr has given us everything we could possibly need for the trip to Pluto via the New Horizons spacecraft. Select the version you desire below, and install only ONE of these packages on your machine. All packages include a model of the New Horizons spacecraft and the trajectory data needed to follow the craft to Pluto. The High-Resolution packages below (the BIG ones) contain extra data for an accurate trajectory and fictional (but realistic-looking) representations of Pluto and Charon. All of these add-ons were created by Jestr and Joseph Firestine, and each includes orbital data for the New Horizons probe and the model. Important Note: If you choose one of the Hi-Res versions you must copy the jpleph.dat file from the selected package to your Celestia\data folder before running Celestia with the add-on. Failure to do so will halt Celestia.

Please NOTE that this add-on may cause problems with Pluto in versions of Celestia later than 1.4.1 since Pluto and Charon are now defined as a "reference point." This add-on was created before Celestia supported SSC barycenters (ReferencePoints). Thanks to Selden E. Ball, Jr. for the explanation.
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Joseph Firestine
Added:2006-02-04 23:59
Last modified:2008-08-18 15:25
Small DDS Version CMOD/DDS 3.28 MB
Small JPG Version CMOD/JPG 3.24 MB
Hi-Res DDS Version CMOD/DDS 46.32 MB
Hi-Res JPG Version CMOD/JPG/PNG 58.50 MB

Comments by visitors:

2011-08-17 08:05
#8 John Van Vliet
--- warning for Linux users---
first this is an OLD add on so there will be problems

second and MOST important .
The binary cmod mesh is HARD-CODED to use images that are ALL CAPITALIZED .
However all of the image names are ALL lowercase
DARKGREY.JPG you need to edit the cmod in a hex editor
2008-12-30 23:30
#7 Steven88
2008-02-12 06:55
#6 anonymous
Perfect model! Thanks!
2007-12-17 23:39
#5 speedyspacebike
Great! Just what I wanted!
2007-06-24 16:54
#4 Comic67
2006-10-08 15:32
#3 Demonio
yeah!! this model it's very good!
2006-10-03 17:10
#2 John M. Dollan
You're a genius. This is excellent!
2006-02-08 05:05
#1 anonymous
Excellent Model and dataset!
Nice addition! home page