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JMII_DDS_UK_VT Levels 8-10

Summary:Levels 8-10 VT, 1K textures. Requires a complete Earth VT.
Description:This add-on provides more detail for the southern region of the United Kingdom. It contains 1K textures which may replace some of your current virtual texture images. For more information concerning the creation and/or installation of VT's, please see the Virtual Textures manual on our Documentation page. Please note also, that this package contains DDS textures, and your machine may not be compatible with this format.
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Version:Dec 2005
Added:2005-12-14 16:07
Last modified:2007-12-28 13:21
JMII_DDS_UK_VT Levels 8-10 VT/DDS 70.78 MB

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