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Johan Hevelius' Constellations

Summary:Johann Hevelius' Uranographia (1690) images,translated into Celestia.
Description:Some of Johann's beautiful constellations, mapped onto the inner surface of a 10 light-year radius, and invisible sphere. You must turn on the Nebulae rendering via Celestia's View Options menu in order to view these constellations. Please be aware, however, that once enabled, these constellations may obscure your actual representations of some nebulae within Celestia. To install, simply copy the selected add-on (Download only one please) to your Celestia\extras directory.
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License:Public domain.
Added:2005-09-19 00:25
Last modified:2008-01-29 15:55
Hires DDS textures DDS 19.04 MB
Hires PNG textures PNG 62.84 MB
Lores DDS textures DDS 6.63 MB
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Comments by visitors:

2009-08-09 02:19
Wow. this is amazing. Jestr, this is your finest piece of work I've seen yet. Keep up the good work.
2008-09-06 19:07
#6 anonymous
To make this plugin work on a Linux system:

Linux is case sensitive. It will be necessary to make a few changes.

In the file "constellations.dsc":

Nebula "constellations"


Mesh "constellations.3ds" <-- change this to constellations.3DS
to make mesh name
RA 0

Dec 0

Distance 0

Radius 10


Step 2 - in the directory textures/medres you must change all filenames to fullcaps. (eg: andrmeda.png becomes ANDRMEDA.PNG, and so on...)

Step 3 - Once you make these changes copy the directory "HeveliusConstellations_PNG" to your ~/celestia/extras/ directory. If you don't have this in your HOME directory, look in /usr/share/celestia
2008-01-29 15:57
#5 Bob Hegwood
As is now stated in the details above, you must turn on Nebulae rendering under the View Options dialog within Celestia in order to view the constellations.
2007-02-28 20:24
#4 Stefan
Looks great!!! Excellnt job and idea. Wish there would be all constellation drawings... :(
2006-07-10 00:28
#3 Gradius_Fanatic
very nice, quite artistic...great work!
2005-10-20 19:31
#2 MiMoe
Great work. Thanks a lot.
This addon is runing fine on Intel/XP
On PowerMac Dual G5 2.5 3.5G RAM, ATI 9800 this addon course very high system load and Celestia is very slow.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance
2005-09-19 08:11
#1 Paolo Amoroso
Is the addon supposed to work with Celestia 1.3.2? I have unpacked the file in the extras directory of the Celestia 1.3.2 installation on my Linux box and turned on Render -> View Options... -> Show Galaxies, but I still can't see the drawings of the constellations from the Hevelius atlas. What am I doing wrong? home page