Solar System:
Solar System Moons

Summary:Models and Textures for a variety of the moons in our Solar System.
Description:This add-on contains a nice variety of models and textures for some of the moons in our Solar System. All models were created using original math models and then they were smoothed a bit to remove some seams. The textures were created using existing textures blended with some others to add a little (fictional) detail. Thanks to Jens for his coloured 2k textures of Phobos and Deimos. To install, please read Jestr's ReadMe.txt and his solarsys-extract.txt files which have been included in this package. Also, please note the comment below. This may or may not apply on your machine.
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Added:2005-03-24 20:37
Last modified:2008-01-12 16:50
Solar System Moons 3DS/2K/JPG 13.31 MB

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2015-07-06 21:26
#2 edr-01
Jestr, great work!

The addon is excellent. Adds detail to
almost all the moons pf the Solar System, the package is also very light.

I have no doubt that this maps are better than the original ones!
2006-09-24 13:06
#1 Porche
Beware of the case of the names : rename *.3DS into *.3ds and it will be fine. home page