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Stargate Bane

Summary:A Solar System based on the Stargate episode Bane in series two. This system resides around HIP 210.
Description:Includes several VT's,a model of the Ghost Town and several moons. You should download the medres version first and then the hires if your machine can handle it. To install and view, please read Jestr's READ ME.TXT file which is included.
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Added:2005-03-10 03:12
Last modified:2008-08-18 19:37
MedRes DDS Package 43.09 MB
HiRes DDS Package 212.84 MB
MedRes JPG Package 58.35 MB
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2008-02-08 16:01
#1 Spaceman
This addon is GREAT! :D :D
You don't need to be a Stargate fan to download it ;) home page