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Deep Impact

Summary:The Deep Impact Probe, Comet, Impactor models and XYZ files.
Description:This add-on depicts the actual impact event of the "Deep Impact" mission which launched a probe into the comet Tempel 1 on the 4th of July 2005. This add-on includes Jack Higgins Impactor model (in color), a model for comet Tempel 1, and the SSC and XYZ files needed for all of the above. If you have a fast machine, you may have to play with the date and time a bit in order to see the impact as was intended. If you have a slow machine, this add-on may take a while to develop. Note: Take your time with the installation. There are 111 separate models involved in this creation.
Note: The impact does not work with Celestia 1.5.0 or newer!
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Jack Higgins
Added:2005-01-14 22:38
Last modified:2010-04-15 10:25
Deep Impact 3DS/JPG/PNG 19.28 MB

Comments by visitors:

2015-06-23 00:24
#6 edr-01
In Celestia 1.6.1, this addon doesn't work, however, i found a manner to make it work in 1.6.1

To make this addon compatible with celestia 1.6.1 follow the next steps:

1. Open with a text editor the file "DeepImpact.ssc"

2. Search the command "Obliquity 180"

3. Delete this command

4. Check the file and make sure that no
longer exist the command "Obliquity 180"

5. Save the file with the same name (DeepImpact.ssc)

6. Follow the instructions to install the addon (see README file)

7. Start Celestia and see Deep Impact Mission!!
2008-08-17 11:39
#5 anonymous
Excellent... really appreciated.

2007-06-04 18:40
Psh, it doesn't matter whether the solar arrays or the antennae faces the right direction, I think it is amazing anyway. I can't wait to try this. Nice work Jestr
2006-09-30 06:53
#3 Classified0X78
Very nicely done
2005-10-06 22:58
#2 mlz
What a fantastic tool. For an interested amateur, I was most impressed.
2005-07-04 18:15
#1 Toytoy
The Deep Impact probe itself faces the wrong direction. The solar array shall face the sun and the high-gain antenna shall point to the earth. Please correct it! home page