Fictional: Solar Systems, Planets, etc.:
Stargate-Alpha Site

Summary:Solar System based around HIP 984, the Alpha site in MGM's Stargate series.
Description:Includes models of SG1 and the Stargate, and a handful of planets in the system. The Hires folders contain only better textures, so you need to download a medres version first. Select either the CMOD/DDS version, or the 3DS/JPG version. Both versions have medres and optional hires folders. You must download a medres folder first as these contain the necessary SSC file. To install and view, please read Jestr's READ ME.TXT file which is included.
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Added:2005-01-06 19:11
Last modified:2020-02-28 14:53
MedRes CMOD/DDS 33.78 MB
HiRes CMOD/DDS 80.43 MB
MedRes 3DS/JPG 21.68 MB
HiRes 3DS/JPG 48.73 MB

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2009-08-09 04:25
wow. Your work is so detailed it's hard to beleive you made it, and this is no exeption. Good job.
2006-05-27 23:37
#1 colin
whoa! that is very impressive work. home page