Earth: Surface Map Textures:
64K Jestr Earth Mark II

Summary:64K Earth, shaded DDS Virtual Texture.
Description:You can use levels 0-4 as a standalone 32K virtual texture. The full 64K package is a much larger download, but offers only slightly better quality. Each tile is a 1K piece of the map, which was based largely on the images found at the Blue Marble web site. To install, simply follow Jestr's instructions which can be found in his ReadMe.txt file which is included in this package. Please note also that THIS package does not contain a U.K. virtual texture close-up.
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Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2011-03-01 15:41
Levels 0-4 DDS 161.70 MB
Level 5, part 1 DDS 55.11 MB
Level 5, part 2 DDS 89.77 MB
Level 5, part 3 DDS 85.61 MB
Level 5, part 4 DDS 91.10 MB
Level 5, part 5 DDS 70.44 MB
Level 5, Complete DDS 392.10 MB

Comments by visitors:

2012-02-16 09:52
#6 Ethan
Good one!
2009-10-20 16:44
#5 anonymous
There's just one word to describe this: WOW
2009-09-23 14:20
#4 Mercnet
This is a great texture pack. I love watching the Hubble glide over the surface.
2009-06-19 21:25
#3 Russian Knight
I have to say one thing,this is the best
VT for earth.
2009-01-09 20:48
#2 anonymous
Trully a great work of art.
2008-07-18 05:34
#1 Banker
As for today - 07/18/2008 - it's the The BEST mod of Earth surface map texture. A real masterpiece of thematic art. A MUST HAVE one, really.

Jestr, many thanks for your great job! home page