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Cassini-Huygens Mission

Summary:The Celestia Cassini installation model given a makeover.
Description:Version 1.1 is a minor update by rthorvald with the following new features:

* Fixed all filenames and paths, now set to lowercase
* Re-textured the parachute
* Added the updated Cassini trajectory (05.05.05), by jestr
* Re-wrote the SSC file to eliminate duplicate spacecraft names
* Re-converted all models from 3ds to cmod format

To install in Celestia just unzip to your 'extras' folder. This add-on is designed for Celestia 1.4.1 or later. It will not replace your current Celestia installation. It will modify your current installation in order to present an improved Cassini/Huygens representation.

Update 2017 (by Austin):
* True replacement of Celestia's default Celestia-Huygens in Celestia's "Solar System Browser".
* The latest (as of May 2017) trajectory data for Cassini and Huygens.
* Each of Cassini's missions around Saturn are depicted with its own timeline.
* Cassini's trajectory ends at the exact moment Cassini hits Saturn's cloud tops.
* Much improved and fairly accurate animation of Huygens' descent and landing on Titan.
* Cassini's trajectory optimized and accurate around many of Cassini's flybys.

See also Adirondack's Touring Script in our scripts section.
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Updated by rthorvald & Austin.
Added:2004-11-16 18:44
Last modified:2017-07-07 12:37
Cassini-Huygens Mission CMOD/3DS/JPG/PNG 4.58 MB
Update 2017 SSC/XYZV/JPG/CMOD/3DS 5.10 MB

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