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Scorpio Nebulae

Summary:Three Scorpio Nebulae represented via fully 3D models. Please select only ONE version.
Description:These add-ons offer three different versions of three different Scorpio Nebulae. Be aware that only the PNG version can be used on machines which cannot display DDS files. To install, simply copy all contents of the selected add-on to your Celestia\extras directory. Jestr says that the best way to explore these nebulae is to select the central star from each nebulae and then navigate around the selected star.
For IC 4604, this is Rho Oph. For IC 4605, this is 22 Sco and for IC 4606, this is Antares.
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Added:2004-11-16 18:33
Last modified:2008-01-23 15:28
Scorpio Nebulae 3DS/1K/DDS 13.99 MB
Scorpio Nebulae 3DS/1K/PNG 19.89 MB
Scorpio Nebulae CMOD/1K//DDS 20.49 MB

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