Mars: Bump and Normal Map Textures:
16K Mars Normal Map

Summary:16K Mars VT Normal Map.
Description:This add-on includes no installation instructions, but see the comments below for excellent installation advice. This add-on is also meant to be used in conjunction with Jestr's 16K Mars VT Surface texture, which can be located HERE.
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Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2009-08-28 12:11
16K Mars Normal Map VT/PNG 92.01 MB

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2012-01-04 15:41
#7 astro-will
Celestia v1.6.0 and higher:

1. Download in install Jestr's 16K Mars VT Surface texture (link above) in to the [celestia\extras] directory.

2. Download the file above (16K Mars Normal Map). Unzip and place the [level0], [level1], [level2], and [level3] folders into the [celestia\extras\mars_m46_dds_vt\textures\hires] folder.

3. Load Celestia, tap the [4] key (Mars), then [G] key (GoTo), right-click on Mars and select Alternate Surfaces, --> m46shaded_dds.
2010-01-26 06:44
#6 akcrazyfool
faint detail...compair to 8k norm map and this one is almost too faint to make out
2006-02-04 21:07
#5 alcjadam
Give Jestr a break, superb!
Place the unzipped "Mars m46 16k Normal PNG" directory inside
"Mars m46shaded VT\textures\hires" folder and rename it "m46Normal PNG".
Copy the "m46shaded JPG.ctx" file as "m46Normal PNG.ctx".
Amend the content to...
VirtualTexture {
ImageDirectory "m46Normal PNG"
BaseSplit 0
TileSize 1024
TileType "png" }
2006-01-02 17:22
#4 anonymous
I can't see the textures, the files hasn't got drawings.
2005-10-05 01:10
#3 anonymous
My guess is jestr didnt add a ctx file :O
2005-03-22 20:47
#2 anonymous
i just get a blue planet
all the PNG files are blue
2005-03-19 23:11
#1 newbi
Why cant we get some install info!
Please.... home page