Earth: Bump and Normal Map Textures:
32K Earth Normal Map

Summary:32K Earth Virtual Texture. Designed for use with Jestr's Earth Mark I.
Description:This package is designed for use with Jestr's 64K Earth surface VT, which can be located HERE. Jestr has included installation instructions in his ReadMe.txt file. However, you may have to modify the included CTX file to point to the Hi-Res texture directory which is appropriate on your machine. One other note here: This add-on includes ONLY levels 0 through 4. The Jestr Earth Mark I original surface texture package contains Level 5-10 textures, and the corresponding NormalMap textures have NOT been included in this package.
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Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2007-12-20 16:11
32K Earth Normal Map 32K/VT/JPG 29.70 MB

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2011-05-27 23:26
#1 Kabup
The text says - only includes levels 0-4 - so on the ground level, you'll see a flat plane, right? Hmmm, please, if you have some time, what about to upload levels 5-10? Thanks! home page