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Integral satellite

Summary:ESA's Integral satellite.
Description:This model is an accurate representation of the ESA (European Space Ageny)'s INTErnational Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory which is currently in orbit around the Earth. Integral is detecting some of the most energetic radiation that comes from space, and it is the most sensitive gamma-ray observatory ever launched. INTEGRAL is an ESA mission in cooperation with Russia and the United States. Note that the InfoURL tag in this model's SSC file no longer works. Change this tag to: to see more on the web.
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2014-09-20 02:39
#2 Sebastian
The Satellite is far away at times but also much closer at times, so that's normal, everything is okay!

INTEGRAL orbits as such:
Orbit height 13,000 km (perigee)
153,000 km (apogee)
Orbit period 72 hr

Hope this helps!
2009-10-21 13:37
#1 Teto
Good by itself, but seems far away from Earth to me, again. Something wrong with Celestia 1.6? home page