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Hubble Space Telescope

Summary:High quality Hubble model, much detail. May be very slow on low-end systems.
Description:Jestr has created an accurate, high-quality rendition of the Hubble Space Telescope in this package. Be aware that the CMOD version of this model occupies 36MB on your PC, and that low-end systems will notice a severe drop in frame rates while displaying Hubble in orbit. Be that as it may, this is a superb rendition of the HST. This add-on will replace any current HST model in Celestia.
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Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2009-06-20 17:02
v1.3.1 or earlier 3DS/JPG 9.88 MB
v1.3.2 or later CMOD/JPG 17.10 MB

Comments by visitors:

2015-04-17 11:39
#7 Kyle Devlugt
This model is AMAZING!!! Planet Earth hovering below it!! Remarkable!:)
2011-06-25 09:21
#6 anonymous
The model looks amazing, especially with the Earth rotating below. It's very serene. ^^
2007-07-11 13:38
#5 Beatrice
It looks real! Excellent graphic work!
2006-05-13 23:27
#4 Cyberdactyl
This is the model you WILL include when showing off Celetria to friends.

As close to photorealistic as you're most likely gonna get.
2005-09-18 12:33
#3 Richard Atkins
Really Good, the detail is fantastic! It's the best one ive seen yet on hubble!
2005-05-19 14:50
#2 Wolfram
No, don't think about it, download it now! You will not regret it.
2005-01-08 20:50
#1 Bob Hegwood
Spectacularly detailed model of the HST.
This is a "Must-Have" add-on for genuine
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