Mars: Surface Map Textures:
Mars M46 16K JPG VT

Summary:Mars surface and normal VT maps.
Description:This Virtual Texture package contains 16K shaded Mars Surface and Normal Map textures in the JPG format. To install, simply copy the "Mars m46shaded VT" folder, after extraction, to your Celestia\extras folder. If you need more help, please view the Virtual Textures Guide on our Documentation Page.
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Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2010-10-11 16:38
16K Surface/Normal Maps JPG 35.86 MB

Comments by visitors:

2011-08-01 09:18
#5 disappointed
Contrary to what you can read here it's only 8k texture, not 16k and it doesn't have normal map included.
2010-10-12 23:06
#4 anonymous
After I got a load of Level 4 textures, I started FREAKING OUT. I thought the Enceladus addon I downloaded was hard to top, but THIS... Wow. And it didn't take as long as the other guys implied, either. This is well worth it. It's so intense...
2007-05-25 19:55
#3 Space B.
Good addon!! :-))
2005-10-04 08:22
#2 Kaleko
It needed a little, but its absolutely worth the download. Amazing Views possible. Specially the polar regions. Thank You! ;-)
2005-09-16 02:14
#1 Gigio
The landscape is perfect. The shadows are amazing. Very good work. home page