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Asteroid Model Replacements

Summary:Updates the standard asteroids included with Celestia. Both files include a choice of JPG or DDS files.
Description:These add-ons are meant to replace some of the standard asteroid textures and/or models which are currently provided with Celestia. To install, please just view Jestr's ReadMe.txt file which is included in these packages.
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Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2008-01-10 17:22
v1.3.1 or earlier DDS/JPG/3DS 28.18 MB
v1.3.2 or later DDS/JPG/CMOD 30.06 MB

Comments by visitors:

2005-02-11 17:10
#1 The Singing Badger
This is an excellent addon with textures that give much greater variety to the standard asteroid texture. The improved models are great, with much more detail and smoothness. Be warned that the Ida model is especially large and may slow down weaker machines. My only criticisms were the new Eros texture, which seems rather too bright, and the Ceres model, which seem rather too irregular. home page