Fictional: Star Wars:
Tatooine, Endor and Death Star

Summary:This is a slightly modified and resurrected basic package of Jestrs Star Wars add-on. It contains Tatooine, Endor and Death Star. This package is required for the most other Star wars add-ons by Jestr.
Description:The following modifications were mady by Ulrich Dickmann (Adirondack) in December 2012:
- correct folder structure
- fixed ssc file

You may want to fix the planet maps (they do not map to a sphere) and fix the
"Specular reflection" on the meshes (they are very shinny - mirror like).

If you have no clue how to fix this just run the add-on as it is.
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License:For personal use only!
Added:2012-12-22 14:48
Last modified:2012-12-22 15:12
Tatooine, Endor and Death Star 3DS/SSC 3.67 MB

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2020-02-26 06:23
#1 anonymous
I find the textures fine for a spherical map and the specularity of the models fine as well as is. Pretty gr8 addon, though the Death Star is pretty huge, at 1600 km radius, which is fine for this demonstration addon whereas the real deal of Star Wars addons to be taken more serious in many aspects including coordinates of each star/planet is the Star Wars Galaxy addon, which I use in addition. home page