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Summary:An X-Wing Fighter. NOTE: This add-on requires the Tatooine, Endor and Death Star add-on!
Description:The X-Wing Fighter is placed into orbit around the first Death Star from the Tatooine, Endor and Death Star add-on. Please make certain that you extract the contents of this add-on to the Celestia\extras\SW-X-wing folder. To view, use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to get to Rho Crb, then you'll be able to select all objects included via the Solar System Browser under Celestia's built-in Navigation Menu. NOTE: You may wish to rename the JPG files so that they use lower-case file extensions. Some systems will not display models correctly when using upper-case file extensions.
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Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2012-12-22 15:02
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2010-11-13 03:47
#4 anonymous
I enjoyed how you could see Luke and Artoo. Luke looks kinda weird though...
2009-07-15 22:24
Wow, That is so detailed it's incredible! Nice add-on but as said before it would look cooler if the wings were spread.
2005-12-07 13:30
#2 anonymous
#1 is right... it just isn't the same with closed wings
2005-09-24 19:10
#1 anonymous
Also, you should make it with the wings open, then the x wing will look cool home page