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Immense Class Starbase

Summary:The Immense Class Starbase orbits the planet Jupiter.
Description:This add-on places the Immense Class Starbase in orbit around Jupiter. NOTE: You may wish to rename the 3DS and JPG files so that they use lower-case file extensions. Some systems will not display models correctly when using upper-case file extensions.
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License:See Read Me files included.
Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2011-07-15 10:47
Immense Class Starbase 3DS/JPG 7.56 MB

Comments by visitors:

2011-07-15 00:57
#2 anonymous
The metal plating looks realistic.
2011-07-15 00:54
#1 andrew
Fun add-on. Io swings by fairly close, nice looking base. home page