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Terraformed Mars Maps

Summary:Terraformed Mars surface Maps.
Description:Includes surface texture, a bumpmap and a specular texture for sunlight in the seas. To install, simply copy all contents to the Celestia\extras\M - Terraformed Mars folder. Please note that this is not an alternate surface texture. Once installed, Mars will appear as terraformed.
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Added:2006-09-12 06:59
Last modified:2013-05-16 17:39
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2009-07-23 01:14
I gotta say, this was one of the less spectacular planet maps but it was also the easiest one to install that was a terraformed mars map. Not a bad job, but not the best either.
2008-04-17 08:13
#1 anonymous
BAD! You should make sea level by manipulating bumpmap (darker than something is sea). For example, you have half the valles marineris flooded up to the edge and another half above the sea. home page