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Earth without water

Summary:Earth without its oceans and lakes. This version also contains a Normal Map.
Description:What would the Earth look like without any water on it's surface? This add-on represents what the planet might look like if all of its water was suddenly removed from the surface of the planet. See Ulrich's info.txt file (included in this package) for installation instructions.
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Added:2006-09-04 07:50
Last modified:2008-08-27 20:35
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2011-12-23 20:30
#7 anonymous
@ #6 layman: My guess is that due to ocean currents sand and sediment probably shift over time to fill in the lower areas and adds a dimension of flatness to the ocean floor that then doesn't reflect the original terrain. I'm not a geologist or an oceanographer, just thinking.
2010-03-05 13:03
#6 layman
I thought the world's highest mountains were under the seas/oceans - wouldn't the bits where you have no water be way deeper? l always thought it would be a kind of spiky ball - but, hey, l'm no geologist! Looks great! thanks!
2007-10-30 13:18
#5 French
Thanks for this beautiful work.
i'd like to found a modelisation of the earth without water/oceans, with only matter who respect the relief, i mean a "sphere". I'm searching, i'm searching.
Thank U if U can help me.
fraternal hello.
2007-10-27 16:42
#4 anonymous said in shatters forum "don't call me silly if the texture doesn't fit to your taste"...guess what?! You're's one of the greatest addon I've ever seen...why don't you try to create a more detailed texture? It'd be gorgeous!!
2007-09-10 10:25
#3 Kelteel
A very interesting perspective especially since I am interested in geology and plate techtonics. I think I might like it. Going to try it. Thanks.
2006-12-20 20:20
#2 anonymous
quite a well elevated ocean floor we have eh? nice one!
2006-09-09 20:37
#1 A. Filie Jr.
It´s an astonishing view. I always wanted to see that surface and it does seem we are living in another planet... Strange new world!!

Thanks. home page