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The War Of The Worlds

Summary:Adaption of H.G. Wells "War of the worlds" with models from Jeff Wayne's Musical-Version. Models built by Jestr. Italian translation by Roberto Basso.
Description:This bilingual (english/german) add-on contains a touring script (4 parts within an interactively controlled CELX-script) and all other necessary files and the models by Jestr.

The entire duration of this presentation (all parts) is approximately 35 minutes.

See the Addon-Homepage below for more information about the story and the touring script.

Download the JPG-Version when your PC can not handle DDS-files.

Questions? -> Use this thread at the forums.

Note: This add-on works with Celestia 1.3.2 to 1.5.1 only!
MRT imagaging of part 4 works only with Celestia 1.3.2 to 1.4.1.
This add-on does not work at all with Celestia 1.6.0 or higher.

V1.1: Modified to work under Linux.
Addon Homepage:
with models by Jestr
License:For private use only!
Added:2006-06-02 22:34
Last modified:2011-04-25 14:34
The War Of The Worlds DDS (english/german) 155.62 MB
The War Of The Worlds JPG (english/german) 152.60 MB
Italian translation CELX only (italian) 9.59 kB

Comments by visitors:

2008-03-20 23:56
#5 Mike
This Add-On is a MUST HAVE! Animated scenes are incredible. Wow.
2007-05-08 17:27
#4 y/big wells fan
I love it but sometimes its hard to get the exact date just to vew the models but its prety good none the less. also the cilinder thing was comfusing. but overall the script was amazing. i love the boock and most of the movies made. this is a good script.
2006-10-26 18:32
#3 anonymous
2006-06-27 18:24
#2 anonymous
Interesting. One of best scripts of Celestia.
2006-06-26 22:41
#1 anonymous
The best animated SF-Addon I've ever seen. home page