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Celestia Explorer

Summary:"Celestia Explorer" is a Celestia script designed to simulate a spacecraft that has scientific instruments and can dock with other spacecraft. (Only the ISS is dockable in version 1.0)
Description:Celestia Explorer is a script that was developed to enhance the sense of scale and position already present in Celestia. In Celestia Explorer, sensors detect nearby objects and can be commanded to be selective to the range and type of objects they detect. These sensors can detect principal gases in the atmospheres of planets and moons, surface composition and even the principal emission spectral lines of stars. The spacecraft has a hull (basically titanium painted white) that maintains a thermodynamic equilibrium in the interstellar environment. As you approach a star the physics model of the hull will indicate a rising temperature. (Careful though. Titanium melts at 1941 K!) Temperature of the hull is an example of a way of enhancing your sense of position in space.

The hull can also be heated by atmospheric friction if you enter the atmosphere of a planet—not a recommended maneuver. Impacting solid objects can have serious consequences in Celestia Explorer and your hull will melt long before you can collide with the surface of a star.

Another sensor tracks the interstellar environment, often called the ISM, a term used for the plasma of dust and gas that fills all space. This may seem inconsequential because even in the solar wind present within the astropause boundary of the sun and most stars, the particle density is only about 7 particles per cubic centimeter, but for a ship traveling at high velocities it may affect the maximum velocity it can obtain.
Future versions of this script will allow you to dock with multiple spacecraft and space stations, but in version 1.0 you can only dock with the ISS. For a detailed description, please view the accompanying .rtf manual.
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Creator:Henry M. Harris
License:Script and manual is copyrighted 2006 by Henry M. Harris who is the sole author of both.
Added:2006-05-22 06:23
Last modified:2008-04-17 09:53
Celestia Explorer CELX (english) 1.89 MB

Comments by visitors:

2008-10-29 17:05
#3 anonymous
i found the problem with undocking. the script regesters 0.000 M as a crash and therefore when you click undock it regesters a crash. try zooming out to 1 m or a few meaters away that will solve the un dock problem
2008-02-17 22:25
#2 Gabriel
Please ...
I can not undock the iss!
2006-05-26 18:02
#1 Greg
This script has a lot of potential, but there are definitely a few problems with it currently. In addition to taking a long time to load (which you explained), it seems to be kind of buggy, at least on my computer.

For instance, I get an error when trying to undock with the ISS, which requires that I run the script away from Earth in order to avoid starting while docked. home page