Fictional: Solar Systems, Planets, etc.:
Andropolis Solar System

Summary:This is a fictional solar system near Orion.
Description:This add-on places a fictional solar system around the star HIP 26876. It's recommended to have the Horse Head Nebula and M42 installed. To install this add-on, create a new folder in your Celestia\extras directory. Make certain that you name this new folder Andropolissystem. Copy the SSC files from the Data Pack of this add-on to the Celestia\extras\Andropolissystem folder. Then copy all textures from the Texture Packs of the add-on to a textures\medres folder which you'll have to create inside the Andropolissystem folder. Use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to get to HIP 26876, then use the Solar System Browser to display all objects under Celestia's built-in Navigation Menu. Also, please NOTE that the CEL://URL included here does NOT work correctly in versions of Celestia after 1.4.1.
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License:For private use only.
Added:2006-05-08 06:47
Last modified:2008-03-26 14:01
Texture Pack 1 6.93 MB
Texture Pack 2 7.38 MB
Texture Pack 3 3.26 MB
Data Pack 3.13 kB
Andropolis CEL 424 Bytes

Comments by visitors:

2009-10-08 23:54
#4 anonymous
Just in case you wanted to know, Rupheinheimm is actually inside of HIP 26876. I found it to be at a nicer distance from the star at 0.047 AU rather than 0.0093.
2009-03-01 03:16
#3 AL-X

The planets and your comets are great!

But: Your abilities as a designer are far more great than your knowledge about planetary systems is. Some has been said by Vostok already, here's some more:

1. An earth-like planet needs a moon and wouldn't look like one at less than a fifth of the distance the earth has to our sun, especially as your star is bigger than the sun.

2. Big gas-planets close to a star are a sign for the absence of earth-like planets. That is because they can't have developed there and so must have made a travel through the system, during which they would just kick out the inner planets.

3. If a gas-giant were as close to a star like your "Tritium" is, it would definetly not be able to keep rings like this. And for keeping rings a planet needs so called "Shepherd Moons" which stabilize the rings.

4. Your planets are all coming to close to each other and moons are to big for their planets.

5. Your planets need hundreds of years for an orbit - at this speed none of
2009-01-25 21:00
#2 Vostok
I love your solar system, It makes a peaceful statement. But I have a few issues I'd like to run by you: I noticed that the temperature on all of your planets have -1k(except for the two planets freakishly close to the sun). Not just that but the planet cco I noticed had no clods - being a green planet you would think it would have them? Also, Tritum's moon seems to bother me every time I see it. It looks close enough to the planet to either dive into the atmosphere or get deformed dramatically, such as an almost oval shape to the planet(this bothers me with the two planets so close to the sun, aswell. It also bothers me that your planets don't have very many moons; Being gas giants one would think they'd attract alot of attention to themselves. But all in all, the solar system is beautifull and well-thought out. I enjoy soaring through it jut as much as I do in Beta hydri.
2006-05-21 10:48
#1 Pericapolis
Hi everybody.
I've made a little mistake in the data archive, it isn't very important, you can correct it:

The planet: "Pericapolis" "HIP 26876"
must be: "Andropolis" "HIP 26876"

Thanks. home page