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Babylon 5 (B5-1)

Summary:Planet Epsilon Eridani 3, the Babylon 5 Station Maintenance Bot and the Thunderbolt Starfury. You can find many more Babylon 5 files by clicking on the link arrow.
Description:Original Planet Textures by Matthew Tarling and Jeff Richard. Babylon 5 Station was converted from an original Lightwave model by Matthew Tarling. The Thunderbolt Starfury was converted from an original 3DSMAX model by Conor Clancy. The Maintenance Bot was converted from an original Lightwave model by Craig A. Clarke. NOTE: You may wish to rename some of the texture files as they use capitalized file extensions rather than the normal lower-case extensions. This may or may not interfere with viewing the add-ons on some PC's. Also, to get to this add-on you need to use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method in order to type in EPS ERI as the star to go to. Then right-click the star and select Epsilon Eridani 3 as the planet to go to. All Babylon 5 add-ons can be located in this way.
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Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2008-03-25 14:38
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2009-03-16 05:08
#3 anonymous
Renaming the texture files that had any uppercase characters to all to lowercase worked for me on Windows XP.
2005-07-06 10:37
#2 Fuel
I can move to the System but can´t see the
B5 Station. What´s wrong?
2005-05-30 15:55
#1 John M. Dollan
Probably one of the most comprehensive add-on sets that I've ever had the pleasure to download! My only complaint is that everything is confined to a single system; I'd love to see different systems for some of the items, such as the Shadow planet, perhaps Ganymede back in the Sol System, etc. But this is really a quibble -- this add-on has its own edition of Celestia installed on my system.

Excellent work! home page