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Mars Model 200x

Summary:Model of Mars with elevations exaggerated 200 times.
Description:This add-on provides a 3DS model of Mars in order to exaggerate its elevation data. The 3DS mesh includes 129,000 triangles and data points occur at every 1 degree of longitude and latitude. The topography has been exaggerated by a factor of 200, so the volcanoes are absurdly tall. Compare this Mars 200x with the Venus 200x and Earth 200x add-ons to appreciate how Mars has a very dramatic shape. The digital elevations were derived from the Mars Global Surveyor, and the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter databases. Please visit HERE for more information. To install, simply copy all contents to your Celestia\extras directory. To view in Celestia, use the Solar System Browser (in the Navigation Menu) to look for Mars_200x.
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License:Not copyrighted. Designed by Alan C. Folmsbee.
Added:2006-03-06 10:43
Last modified:2008-01-12 16:20
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