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Earth Model 200x

Summary:Model of the Earth with elevations exaggerated 200 times.
Description:This add-on provides a 3DS model of the Earth in order to exaggerate Earth's elevation data. The Earth model 200x was created from data contained in the ETOPO2 database. Please be aware that a NEW database is now available, and has been created since this add-on was first packaged for use on the Motherlode. The ETOPO2v2 database can be viewed or downloaded HERE. To install this add-on, please read the author's README.txt file which is included in this package. To view in Celestia, use the Solar System Browser (in the Navigation Menu) to look for Earth_200x. Data points occur every 1 degree of longitude and Latitude and the ETOPO2 database was used to show the bottoms of the oceans and the land. All topography is made 200 times taller in order to view the heights easily.
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License:Not copyrighted. Created by Alan Folmsbee.
Added:2006-03-06 10:34
Last modified:2008-01-12 14:41
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2007-06-07 23:52
#1 Space B.
nice addon but it was slow for the computer home page