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Van Maanen's Star

Summary:Van Maanen's Star system for the ArcBuilder Universe.
Description:Van Maanen's Star is a white dwarf, and the closest such single star to Sol. In the ArcBuilder setting, it is orbited by the burnt out remains of a Gaian planet, named Absalom, which holds evidence for an ancient sapient species. Also present is a colonial ship, sent there as an Exile Colony, and which subsequently suffered a catastrophic failure.

NOTE: This zip file is put together in a strange way, but the add-on itself can be installed simply by extracting all contents to any separate, temporary folder of your choice. Then, you'll have to copy the van Maanen's Star folder to your extras directory in Celestia. To view, use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to get to Van Maanen's Star. Then, you'll be able to view this system using Celestia's built-in Solar System Browser under the Navigation Menu.
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License:This add-on is designed for use with the ArcBuilder setting. Other usage is granted. Commercial use is forbidden. If you want to use this add-on, in whole or in part, with another add-on, please contact me.
Added:2006-02-26 01:33
Last modified:2008-04-13 14:26
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Comments by visitors:

2012-01-29 13:17
#4 SolanaBogon
I think a dead old Earth-like planet around a white dwarf is a great idea never see before here. But I have some criticism to say: -There is only 2 planets. More will be best! maybe not inside Absalom of course, because maybe destroyed by the star when becoming a giant red
-The orbit of Absalom is really eccentric, I don't think it could be caused by the star when died
-You have made the Absalom's orbit like if it was around a low G-star or a K-type. But before to be a white dwarf, scientists think that star was a B-type blue star, so the orbit would be far away...
2010-03-30 04:47
#3 anonymous
Indeed, bleak star (being in white dwarf phase) must have bleak planets orbiting around it. Amnon and Absalom must've looked much different when the system was 3-4 billion years old, and more different still about 40 million years ago from present date.
2007-02-23 03:40
#2 N Kalanaga
Amnon is a very old jovian, with little internal heat, orbiting an extremely dim star. As such, it has almost no weather, and the atmosphere shows none of the bands and clouds of younger, more active gas giants. It should be a blank sphere, blue-green from the methane in the atmosphere.
2007-01-21 02:46
#1 anonymous
"Amnon" is not a planet, it is only a sphere without texture. home page