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Charon (fictional)

Summary:Fictional representation of Pluto's moon, Charon.
Description:Life around Charon was boring, so I figured I'd spice it up a bit by taking a few existing textures, mesh them all up, and applying them to Charon, making it appear at least a bit more realistic and interesting. This is Version 1.1. The previous file lacked a specular map, and had the same textures twice. NOTE: This add-on has not actually been zipped together correctly. To use, simply unzip this file to a temporary directory, then MOVE all of the files into a folder called Charon. When finished, simply move your new folder to your Celestia\extras directory. It should contain the contents shown as follows: Celestia\extras\Charon should contain the SSC and ReadMe.txt files and Charon\textures\medres should contain the PNG files.

Addon Homepage:
Creator:Eugene Stauffer
License:I authorize that this product may be distributed free of charge, and non-commercially. If you wish to use any part of this product for your own creations, please let me know RIGHT DOWN TO THE LETTER what you plan to do with it. You wouldn't want to steal other people's hard work now, would you? ;-) If so, don't forget to feel guilty about it every time you go to bed. :-)
Added:2006-02-05 01:50
Last modified:2008-03-29 13:39
Charon (fictional) PNG/SSC 1.90 MB

Comments by visitors:

2010-01-17 14:54
#4 Nik3
It is not bad! ;)
2006-06-08 14:25
#3 anonymous
Sorry, the textures really are included in this download. The textures > medres folder inside the Charon folder is empty, and must be replaced with the textures folder outside the Charon folder to make things work.
2006-06-08 03:18
#2 anonymous
The Charon texture files can be found in Eugene Stauffer's Terraformed Pluto addon (guess they got stuck in there by accident...)
2006-05-18 21:45
#1 Jonathan Silverlight
Interesting effect! But the zip file doesn't contain the charon-spec.png specified in Charon.ssc home page