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Jupiter clouds

Summary:This add-on creates moving clouds on Jupiter.
Description:This add-on creates a VERY nice effect for the clouds on Jupiter.

Please note that you may wish to use different cloud speeds and atmospheric heights in order to view these clouds more properly on your machine. Actual cloud speeds have been measured at up to 800KPH.

v1.1 (March 2013) by Adirondack:
Fixed files and directory structure.
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License:I allow the Motherlode distribution of this add-on.
Added:2006-02-05 01:47
Last modified:2013-03-22 19:00
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Comments by visitors:

2009-09-03 21:50
#4 Griz
I too found that the default cloud height and speed were too high when viewing Jupiter in a Time Fast Forward mode, and i played with settings until i hit on Cloud Height of 5 and speed of 300. When set to the default ratios, if you speed up Jupiter, you see the planet texture rotate, but the clouds are whirling around the texture at unbelievable speeds, and remember the planet texture IS the clouds, so slowing down the cloud addon gives JUST a hint of movement in the otherwise static cloud planet texture. Wonderful addon, i just would recommend lower settings for folks to try.
2006-12-09 03:31
#3 streety
A very nice add on! The cloud speed setting is clearly a matter of choice!, but I changed it from 80000 right down to 1000, to give virtually no hint of movement at x1 speed (which I suppose is sort of realistic), but a nice (sedate rather than whizzing) effect at the x100 and x1000 time speeds you need in order to clearly see the rotations of Jupiter's moons.
2006-06-27 04:45
#2 anonymous
I kept the recommended cloudspeed of 80000. Anything lower than. . .say 60000, you might as well not use it, because you cannot see movement.
2006-02-13 09:10
#1 Daren
These clouds add a nice touch of depth to Jupiter's surface but the speed at which they move, when you paste in the specs, make it look very unrealistic.
In the solarsys file, I changed the cloud height down to 5, and the cloud speed down to a snail-moving 110. This made the clouds more reasonable.
Thanks for the addon home page