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Flare texture replacements

Summary:First add-on contains 5 replacement flare textures. Second contains 31 new replacement textures. For pre-1.50 Versions of Celestia only.
Description:These two packages contains a total of 36 new star flare replacement textures. Simply choose the one you like, rename it to "flare.jpg" and copy it to your Celestia\textures directory. Please remember to back up your current Celestia flare texture prior to replacing it with one of these.

NOTE: The star flare textures are no longer used in versions of Celestia after 1.4.1.
Addon Homepage:
License:Free for non-commercial and non-profit use. If somebody wants to use the files to make another add-on please contact me by email.
Added:2006-02-05 01:44
Last modified:2008-04-17 09:31
5 flares JPG 2.19 MB
31 flares JPG 460.67 kB

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2007-05-07 21:13
#1 anonymous
Fantastic effect!
These are one of the best flare textures.

Very nice addon. home page