Kuiper Belt Objects:
2003 EL61

Summary:2003 EL61 and it's two moons.
Description:This add-on defines Kuiper Belt object 2003 EL61, and it's moons S/2005 (2003 EL61) 1 and S/2005 (2003 EL61) 2. To install, simply copy the SSC file to your Celestia\extras folder, and then copy the PNG texture to your Celestia\textures\medres directory. This object was initially called "Santa" by its discoverers as they located it on the 28th Of December, 2004.
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License:This add-on is free to change and/or distribute.
Added:2006-01-16 10:58
Last modified:2008-01-08 21:21
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2009-04-08 17:27
#1 joel
Thanks for inserting the Haumean system. Two remarks though: the system components are now named (Haumea, Hi'iaka, Namaka), and the 3D-ellipsoidal shape of Haumea (about 2000x1500x1000km)is not modelled. A reddish spot is identified on Haumea, itself a fast spinner with a 3.9h period. Your add-on would have plenty of success if people could use Celestia to contemplate the fast rotation of Haumea and the moons of this weird system. home page