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Summary:The Sputnik-1 satellite.
Description:This model represents the first artificial Earth satellite to go into space. Sputnik-1 was in orbit only from October 4th, 1957 until January 4th, 1958. You'll have to set the time accordingly in Celestia to view the model. Kukanotas made the model using an old and very crude picture of the satellite, but it makes for a very nice display of the real spacecraft.
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License:(c) Arvydas Cetyrkovskis (Kukanotas), 01 May 2005, Lithuania
Added:2005-11-29 07:53
Last modified:2007-12-09 04:23
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2012-05-24 07:29
#2 anonymous
Love this add-on. There isn't much to see about Sputnik 1, but its such an icon that its great just to have it on CElestia.
2005-12-18 04:05
#1 MattD
It looks really wasn't much to look at in the first place. However, Sputnik-1 is a must have. home page