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Ringed Earth

Summary:A fictional depiction of the Earth with rings.
Description:A fictional depiction of Earth with rings. There is an alternative ring set included in this addon.
V1.1: Added detail to the rings.
V1.2: Increased transparancy of rings by 2%, adjusted the main rings to better reflect Earth's Roche Limit, randomized some of the numbers.
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Creator:Eugene Stauffer
License:Public Domain
Added:2005-11-28 08:28
Last modified:2012-03-03 20:40
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Comments by visitors:

2015-09-23 19:35
#4 SomewhatAnonymous
Pretty interesting concept. I wonder what it would do to our Ozone layer though...
Still, it would look nice from the surface. :)
2011-05-29 17:02
#3 anonymous
This is a godd addon but you should respect earth roche limit ( a point in earth gravity where things cruch into a ring) this is far out of earth roche limit. I think you should make the ring thinner and a bit closer to earth. But Nice jOb!
2009-10-08 00:59
#2 anonymous
Earth has a ring right now... a "metal" ring. What I am talking about is old spacecraft orbiting Earth. That's our ring. Just under 1000 objects.
2009-06-12 12:45
#1 anonymous
Wow! This is like Earth billions of years ago!The Earth had a ring before the Moon formed. home page