Activity 8 - Spacecraft, part 2

Summary:This is part 2 of the spacecraft of Celestia. It visits over 25 spacecraft and probes launched to explore our other planets, moons, asteroids, comets and the sun.
Description:The Activity can serve as a primary teaching tool on this topic. See Mariner approaching Mercuryand Mercury Messenger in orbit. Watch the Venera probes drop onto Venus and the Venus Express brake around the planet. Watch the Venus Express brake around Venus. Fly with Magellan. See why Percival Lowell thought there were alien civilizations on Mars. Visit Viking on Mars and follow the Mars Odyssey and Mars Express, MGS and MRO from orbit. Consider Spirit, Opportunity, Phoenix and the new Curiosity mission as they search for evidence of water. Discover what the Dawn spacecraft sees as it orbits the dwarf planet Ceres. Fly with Pioneer and the Voyagers past the outer planets. Witness Galileo and the new Juno spacecraft orbiting Jupiter and see Io's hundreds of erupting volcanoes. Watch the Cassini probe enter Saturn orbit. Follow Huygens down through the Titan’s atmosphere for a soft landing. View the excitement of Cassini's discoveries of liquid water on Enceladus. See NEAR land on Eros. Chase New Horizons as it flies by Pluto. Fly next to Ulysses. Observe Deep Impact hit comet Tempel1. Then, travel into the fictional future to stop at Deep Space 9 and Valley Forge around Saturn. Try docking with a massive Space Station orbiting Earth. Locate Discovery and its pod and the monolith, adrift in Jupiter space as you listen to Also Sprach Zarathustra. End your trip by exploring the Cygnus orbiting a Black Hole.
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