Activity 7 - Spacecraft, part 1

Summary:This is part 1 of the Spacecraft of Celestia. It visits many of the spacraft launched in the vicinity of Earth and Moon orbit.
Description:This activity guides you on a visit to some of the spacecraft built by humans to explore Earth orbit and can serve as a primary teaching tool on this topic. Pace Sputnik 1 in 1957 and listen to its actual signal. Hover next to Vostok 1, Explorer 1, and the Mercury and Gemini capsules. Examine Skylab and Mir, then it’s on to the U.S. Space Shuttles, the International Space Station, Hubble Space Telescope, Carot, Spitzer, and Chandra space telescopes. See Shenzhou V and VI. Be there when the Apollo 11 spacecraft makes its monumental landing on the moon. See the threat that space junk can pose to spacecraft. Fly near Cosmos 1, the first spacecraft to sail the night on sunbeams. Witness potential new spacecraft designs of the future.
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