Activity 6 - The Life and Death of Stars

Summary:A detailed tour of the complete life cycle of stars from nebula through black holes. We visit 29 separate locations.
Description:This Activity can serve as a primary teaching tool on this topic. The journey begins in our Solar System and travels through the galaxy, stopping at nebula, protostars, main sequence stars, brown and red dwarfs, yellow, white, red and blue Supergiant stars, planetary nebula, white dwarfs, black dwarfs, supernova, hypernova, neutron stars, whirling pulsars and spinning black holes. There are over 27 stops in all. Fly through the Rosette and Eagle star-forming nebula, skim across the surface of an exploding star, witness the death of Earth when our Sun swells to a Red Giant, hear a pulsar rotating 30 times a second. Visit the largest known star in the Milky Way … up close! Orbit three rotating black holes and spinning protostars. Fly through the event horizon of a Black Hole!
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2010-03-06 18:25
#2 Balthazaar
Great add-on, really! Instead of only reading a book, you can here learn the most important stuff about the life cycle of the stars.
2009-09-29 16:10
#1 thepersonfromearth
this is an amazing add on! thanx very much! home page