Activity 5 - The Terraforming of Mars

Summary:The terraforming of Mars is an amazing educational journey into the 26th century to witness a theoretical transformation of Mars by humans into an Earth-like, colonized world.
Description:This activity takes you into the 26th century to witness our attempt to transform Mars from a dead, cold, dry planet to a wet, warm and breathable world covered in seas and suitable for colonization. The Activity can serve as a primary teaching tool on this topic. Travel to Earth of the future, to visit a massive rotating space station in orbit. Then it’s on to Mars to view a battery of eight giant reflecting mirrors orbiting Mars, reflecting sunlight onto Mar’s polar caps. Over centuries, see Mars become a world of seas, life and new beginnings. View and hear a video made by future Martian colonists showcasing some of the scenes of their world.
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2012-04-26 08:04
#2 anonymous
With terraforming, we say winds, rains, and so erosion...
Why do we see again craters ?
Where are rivers ?
2011-11-07 23:25
#1 SpaceWhizKid 581
Love it! Although try giving names for places, i named them for ya! home page