Activities 1&2 - The Universe

Summary:A detailed educational tour of the size and wonders of our Universe from Earth to beyond the Milky Way with stops at planets, moons, stars, nebula, black holes and galaxies. This Activity can serve as a primary/key teaching tool on this topic.
Description:This is a detailed astronomical tour of the visible universe. Explore the concept of infinity. Take off from Earth and soar into space in your own hyperdrive spacecraft, stopping at the sun, and some of our solar system’s planets, moons, asteroids, comets and spacecraft. Rendezvous with Voyager 2 as it leaves our Solar System. Swing by the Rosette Nebula and Ring Nebula, and then hover above and actually hear the spinning pulsar in the Crab nebula. Pass a dramatic Black Hole deep in space and attempt to fly directly into it. Examine the Virgo Cluster up close. See the Ultra Deep Field of 10,000 galaxies that the Hubble Space Telescope photographed. Learn the unbelievable size and magnificent scale of the universe.

Dutch version bug-fixed (January 2012).
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2012-07-15 08:34
#1 anonymous guy
I can't get it to work properly, all the objects are there, but when I try to click 'begin journey' on the word document, it comes up with error code 80070002! I have all the computor stuff needed.

Anyway, dispite the fact I haven't tested the actual tour, the rest of the stuff it comes with is great! home page