The World of Celestia

Summary:A spectacular introductory showcase journey through Celestia space. Explore over 50 separate destinations.
Description:This is a spectacular introductory showcase journey through Celestia space. It begins on Earth. Under your command, launch a sleek hyperdrive spacecraft and climb above the clouds and atmosphere into orbit. Try docking with a massive space station of the future. Fly by the ISS and Hubble Space Telescope. View Hurricane Katrina from orbit, discover the cause of our aurora, then travel to our Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Halley’s Comet. Stop by a Red Dwarf, and the Red Supergiant, Betelgeuse. Traverse the Rosette Nebula. See Black Holes, Pulsars and a theoretical wormhole. Fly beyond the Milky Way into intergalactic space. Visit the Virgo Galaxy Cluster. Learn the true scale of the universe. Explore fictional Hollywood spacecraft. The tour makes 40 great stops in all.
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Creator:Frank Gregorio
Version:161 (Oct 4, 2017)
License:For non-commercial use only with Celestia.
Added:2005-11-16 19:07
Last modified:2017-10-06 13:28
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2016-11-19 20:39
#2 Raphael D'Urbino
An absolutely extraordinary teaching tool. All the kids here were enthralled. Thank you so very much!
2008-01-06 17:51
#1 Derek
This is a wonderful module with easy to follow instructions. I will be using this program to help teach my children about space and space exploration. Thank you for all your work. home page