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Summary:First ballistic rocket
Description:Very innacurate. The texture shown here was for test rockets. The models and textures must be copied into the appropriate directories, and all is stated clearly in the "readme.txt" file. The V-2 (or A-4) was the first long range ballistic missile to be used actively. This German rocket hurtled a one-ton load 50 miles high into the atmosphere and hundreds of miles down range. There are three different versions of this package shown here. Select the one you want and you won't need the other two.
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Creator:Sitting Duck
Roberto Basso.
Added:2005-11-08 07:05
Last modified:2008-08-12 17:52
Sitting Duck's V-2/A4 3DS/JPG 144.80 kB
Robert Basso's V-2/A4 3DS/JPG 204.17 kB
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