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Summary:The experimental U.S. Air Force X-20 orbiter.
Description:This add-on places a representation of the U.S. Air Force's experimental X-20 orbiter into orbit around the planet Earth. Please view the x20_info.txt file for more information concerning installation and possible modifications. NOTE: You may wish to rename the 3DS files so that they use lower-case file extensions. Some systems will not display models correctly when using upper-case file extensions.
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Packaged by Adirondack
Added:2005-10-26 07:53
Last modified:2008-03-26 12:57
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2009-08-29 22:50
Nice add-on. Very detailed and the model itself was well made, although it was off-center a few times. this is one of my favorite add-ons, because I made clones! I made clusters of 5 around Venus Mars Earth and Pluto (I terraformed them all) Other than the lobsided-ness, It's worth your 400k, especially if you clone it.
2007-05-11 23:21
#2 Captain JP Dunning
Awesome addon! You definately should use this addon to watch the X-20 orbit Earth, or perhaps even make the spaceplane orbit another planet. in fact, I made the X-20 orbit a ringed Earth-like planet in one of my own ficticious systems. A+ addon!
2005-10-26 12:07
#1 Duck
All around very nice model, astronauts arms are a bit dodgey, Im not sure this should be in fictional though, an X-20 was created but never flown... home page