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Impossible Dyson

Summary:A Dyson Sphere for 18 Scorpii.
Description:This Dyson Sphere contains an Earth-like landscape on the inside This is physically impossible even in the Orion's Arm Scenario, but the effect is simulated using advanced virtual reality technology.
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Added:2005-10-24 07:18
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Comments by visitors:

2015-03-15 21:37
#3 the rrb
that thing looks more like a death star
2009-12-08 00:03
Woah, that's crazy! Looks like I'm not the only one who makes things engulf the sun!
2006-03-12 07:51
#1 jmdollan
Very cool add-on, Steve! I wonder if there is a way around the day and night side of the sphere, both on the inside and outside? But even with that, it is a very neat effect, this Dyson sphere! home page