Fictional: Solar Systems, Planets, etc.:
Hypothetical Bodies

Summary:Several Solar System bodies theorized over the last few centuries.
Description:This add-on includes several hypothetical bodies theorized but not found or later discovered not to exist. These all were seriously believed to exist at some time in the past, whether due to observational mistakes or errors in Newtonian physics. NOTE: You may wish to assign a different texture to the "Planet X' entry which is located in the "hypersolarsys.ssc" file. The "gasgiant.*" texture is no longer used within Celestia, and you need to edit the SSC file using Notepad (or its equivalent) to replace the line Texture "gasgiant.*" with something that does exist in Celestia. Try changing this line to Texture "triton.*" in order to view the planet. You may use any texture which currently exists in your Celestia\textures\medres folder.
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Creator:Michael Rinschler
License:Public Domain.
Added:2005-10-24 07:02
Last modified:2008-03-29 15:45
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Comments by visitors:

2010-02-11 04:05
#3 g
It was a white circle, but not anymore it's not.
2009-02-07 21:06
#2 anonymous
planet x appears to be at the fartharst end of its orbit. surely this would mean it is 1000's of years away
2008-02-10 16:09
#1 anonymous
It's all very good apart from Planet X as I cannot see it, when I find it it is just a white circle home page