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NGC 3372 - Eta Carinae

Summary:The Eta Carinae Nebula, NGC 3372, is represented here with a fully 3D model, and from an entirely different perspective.
Description:This add-on offers an excellent display of the Eta Carinae Nebula (also known as the Homunculus Nebula) which is located around the super voluminous and highly luminous hyper-giant double star Eta Carinae. To install, simply copy all contents to your Celestia\extras directory. Use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to type in ETA Car in order to locate and view this add-on within Celestia. Please disregard the funny symbols you'll see while typing in this entry. It will take you to the Nebula. For more information concerning this fascinating object, please point your browser to the Wiki Page which is located HERE.
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Added:2005-10-24 06:39
Last modified:2008-01-22 17:10
NGC 3372 - Eta Carinae 3DS/1K/PNG 1.86 MB

Comments by visitors:

2012-08-08 15:15
#4 Celestial234
to: 3#
Remember, Eta carinae is a very big blue star, the AppMag -1 is the best size and it was more look like the REAL size.
2010-01-05 21:35
#3 anonymous
The star has wrong apparent magnitude specified. It is -1 (that is why it shines like mad). It should be around 6.21.
2007-06-13 13:00
#2 Klemen
Cool 3D!!! Many addons here are 2D, that's bad, but this is better than anything!
2006-11-05 18:11
#1 Keith
Another excellent and trouble free add-on from a reliable author. home page