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Black Abyss/Cygnus X1

Summary:Fictional Black Abyss and Cygnus X1 Black Hole representations. Requires Celestia 1.4 or later.
Description:This add-on places a couple of beautiful Black Holes in deep space. Please read Cham's excellent Readme.txt file for installation and usage instructions. There's also a couple of "easter eggs" included, but you'll need to explore a bit to find them.
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License:Free for Celestia. No commercial activities allowed.
Added:2005-10-18 07:46
Last modified:2008-03-27 11:09
Black Abyss/Cygnus X1 3DS/JPG/PNG 18.70 MB

Comments by visitors:

2011-08-10 21:26
#10 homerlinux
Great, but it fails when loading under Linux because of textures' filenames (uppercase/lowercase): just rename some of them this way (LITERALLY): BHJETS.PNG, conic04.PNG, conical5.PNG, CONICAL.PNG, CONICAL2.PNG, CONICALA.PNG, CONICALB.PNG
(that's all, enjoy)
2011-01-03 23:01
#9 Garry
The floaty blob thing is cool too.
2011-01-03 22:54
#8 garry
this is cool. Observe this whilst listening to cygnus x-1 by Rush. By the way, cool ship, on par with the black hole, well done.
2009-11-08 08:20
#7 Kurai
These things make me feel really disturbed, I don't know why the hell I download them...
Anyway, great, and the easter egg.. hhaahahaaaa!! that was amazing... but how the hell is one suposed to find it I don't know, I had to check the ssc file =P
But really, that was great, I love easter eggs! do more black holes with more easter eggs =D
2009-01-11 23:29
#6 Astroboy
It's not a quasar, silly! At least I don't see any resemblences to one. It's a highly detailed model of a black hole, though. "Black" does not do it any justice.
2008-07-19 01:17
#5 dillon
2006-11-26 21:14
#4 anonymous
actually it is not a black hole but a quasar. Yes... it has a black hole for a center but it is still a quasar. Nice... thanks for the quasar
2006-10-07 19:54
This blackhole is, from far, the greatest one I've ever tried in Celestia. This is a must to have.
2006-10-03 16:48
#2 John M. Dollan
Oh, this is very nice! The little surprise in the center is well worth it!
2006-05-07 05:41
#1 anonymous
One of most beautiful addons of Celestia home page